Data science in supply chain – 4flow webinar series

Join 4flow experts as they showcase real-world projects and unlock the potential of data analytics, artificial intelligence, process mining and more.

In the last few years, logistics and supply chains have been put under increased pressure. Increasing supply chain complexity, disruptive global events and rising cost sensitivity in logistics pose challenges to all businesses – from small and medium sized companies to multi-national corporations. At the same time, digitization is improving, and new data analytics tools have become state-of-the-art. Professional application of data science has become a must for forward-looking businesses.

Our experienced 4flow data science experts have compiled their insight from recent projects in a series of three webinars to showcase the benefits of bringing data science to logistics and supply chains.

  • Real-world examples from recent 4flow projects
  • Compact 40-minute webinars with time for Q&A
  • For supply chain professionals looking to harness the power of data science

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Data science webinars:

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Webinar –
How to leverage data science in supply chain risk management

Regular assessment of risk management strategies based on data-driven analyses and machine learning can effectively and sustainably mitigate risk along the supply chain.

Webinar features:

* Global perspective on current supply chain risks

* Exclusive look at 4flow’s supply chain risk management framework using data science

* Real-world supply chain projects

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Webinar –
intelligence in intralogistics

4flow’s intralogistics and production specialists showcase a variety of data science applications to automate logistics systems.

Webinar features:

* Recent developments in intralogistics

* Achieve more with data —
Use cases and applications 

* Concrete examples from recent projects

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Webinar –
Transportation optimization using data science

Rather than off-the-shelf solutions, customized optimization combines 4flow’s process expertise with advanced algorithms for data analytics and optimization to develop custom-made solutions to real-world problems. 

Webinar features:

* Advantages and benefits of customized optimization 

* Make your data work for you – Use cases and applications 

* Real-world project showcase

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Webinar –
Supply chain optimization with AI

Forecasts based on artificial intelligence enable far-reaching optimization of inventory, staff planning, and more. Join in as 4flow experts discuss real-world examples and offer a closer look at their strategic approach. 

Webinar features:

* Is AI-based forecasting right for your business? – Approaches and benefits 

* In cooperation with Tim Steinel, COO of the Reiff Group