Integrated transportation management as a service

As a 4PL, 4flow takes over active transportation management on behalf of customers.
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Partnering in transportation management creates significant value

As an independent 4PL service provider, 4flow takes over continuous planning and active management of customers’ supply chain networks. As a result, businesses:

  • Increase their supply chain resilience and stay in control of increasingly complex value chains
  • Improve business performance and increase the service level of multimodal transportation networks
  • Develop their supply chain maturity by deploying continuous innovation measures 

Integrated planning, management, and controlling

Combining cross-industry expertise and innovative software tools, 4flow leverages an integrated management process for its various managed services.

For the best possible results, these services:

  • Can be deployed modularly
  • Are connected end to end
  • Are iterated continuously

Typical results include

Flexibilization of fixed costs
using intelligent business models

Transportation cost reductions
of up to 20%

Service level improvements
of up to 30%

Increased transparency
throughout the network

Resource consolidation
to manage logistics networks


Sustainably reduce transportation costs

Depending on the industry, transportation can account for up to 40% of total supply chain costs. Due to network inefficiencies, many businesses spend more than necessary on transportation – these unnecessary costs can easily reach double digits year over year when considered as a percentage of total transportation spend.

As a neutral partner, 4flow takes over central transportation functions to reduce transportation costs. This includes:

  • Strategic planning of transportation networks
  • Tactical transportation planning
  • Continuous management of daily inbound and outbound shipments, regionally and globally

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