Business process outsourcing

Make or buy

4flow assesses the factors influencing make-or-buy decisions and supports clients with all types of outsourcing issues.

Concentrating on core competencies is a trend in all industries. The variability of overhead costs, cost reductions, increases in flexibility, and a service providers' additional know-how are the main reasons for outsourcing. These challenges, though, are accompanied by real implementation risks that must be assessed.

4flow knows the critical success factors of outsourcing and supports companies during the entire process.

Successful outsourcing of operative business

The outsourcing projects we complete with our clients typically result in:

  • Up to 30 to 40 percent in cost savings
  • Improvements in performance especially in regard to customer service, ability to deliver and willingness to share information
  • Increases in transparency for inventory and transportation
  • Optimal incentives for logistics service providers through performance-based payment
  • Substantial increases in flexibility in the face of volume fluctuations

4flow supports businesses in each outsourcing phase with tried and true methods and specialized knowledge about the service industry.

Prior to outsourcing, 4flow always considers a thorough optimization of the target area, be it transportation networks or intralogistics. It is only on the basis of optimization that well-suited outsourcing packages can be chosen.

A special focus is put on the design of process and IT interfaces. Decisions about future processes and structures are usually key issues when assessing the future interdependence of partners.

When it comes to outsourcing, the development of an incentive-based payment agreement and the selection of service providers, which is performed on the basis of 4flow’s extensive knowledge of the market, occur before implementation and success monitoring.

4flow is an ideal partner for the implementation of outsourcing projects, through its structured, tried-and-tested approach that clearly focuses on process and organizational development. This is supported by the right IT setup.

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