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Transportation load optimization in Kinaxis RapidResponse®

Increase planning efficiency, save transportation costs and reduce carbon emissions with the Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer application

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Break free of silos for agile transportation planning

If you use the Kinaxis RapidResponse® platform, you know the benefits of concurrent planning. Now you can use the platform to optimize transportation loads, as well.

The Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer by 4flow (TLO) is an embedded certified RapidResponse® application that enables Kinaxis customers to integrate transportation constraints earlier into S&OP processes.

Until now, transport planning has been part of operational execution planning, and important transportation factors from other planning stages were not considered. Accounting for transportation factors at an earlier stage is critical to agile and more profitable supply chain planning processes.

Make confident, profitable, and sustainable decisions

The Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer automatically runs an additional optimization in the demand planning calculation. It prepones and postpones orders to consolidate demand and create fuller, more efficient loads.

Transportation and S&OP constraints are considered simultaneously, ensuring optimal planning: the results are feasible and cost-efficient, and material arrives on time.

Your planning team can make confident, profitable supply chain decisions, knowing the TLO improves efficiency and significantly reduces freight spend and carbon emissions – all within the user-friendly Kinaxis RapidResponse® interface.

No more need for manual adjustments

You can rest assured knowing your shipments are feasible thanks to the TLO’s optimization algorithms. These algorithms are based on real-world constraints, including freight rates and current transportation capacities. The result? You’re provided with an actionable transport plan, drastically reducing the need for manual adjustments when creating shipments.

Discover how BAT optimized its outbound transportation network with the Kinaxis TLO by 4flow

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Get full visibility and take control of your results

Review your most important KPIs

  • Get a complete overview of the most relevant KPIs for a given transportation lane
  • Visualize and analyze metrics like transportation costs, average utilization, and transport optimization potential
  • Get notified in case of errors and review the root cause to troubleshoot

Prepare and adjust data before planning

  • Control and prepare data in one go with error notification and handling functionalities
  • Adjust data with manual or automatic data maintenance capabilities
  • Review the impact of the proposed plan on demand fulfillment and inventory supply

Plan orders with concurrent transportation optimization

  • Let the TLO plan orders into optimized shipments considering real constraints like capacity, material availability and planning horizon
  • Make confident decisions knowing you have full transparency over the results and the ability to make manual adjustments
  • Ensure feasibility, on-time availability and cost savings

Reduce and track carbon emissions

  • Optimize shipments to reduce the number of trucks on the road and carbon emissions
  • Calculate, track and review carbon emissions over time

Unlock measurable benefits with a single app

Lower transportation costs

Assure on-time delivery at minimum cost

Reduce transportation costs up to 10% while maximizing asset utilization. Thanks to the seamless integration of transport optimization into material planning, you can forecast transportation execution and plan more efficiently.

The TLO’s integrated approach eliminates silos, making way for greater end-to-end visibility. This ensures fewer last-minute exception costs, more flexibility, and higher planning efficiency.

Save time

Automate and optimize supply chain planning processes

In just one click, the TLO optimizes big data in complex transportation network scenarios.

Ensure your transportation plans are feasible. Critical transportation constraints like capacity, plant schedules, material availability and inventory levels are considered simultaneously.

With the TLO, you can assure on-time delivery, reduce manual effort and streamline communication.

Reduce emissions

Build a sustainable supply chain

Track and review carbon emissions with the TLO’s automatic calculations and models.

Thanks to the TLO’s automatic load optimization, you can maximize asset utilization and reduce the number of trucks needed – cutting your carbon emissions by more than 20%.

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