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With a high-performance value chain, small and medium businesses can set themselves apart from the competition.

Today, successful small and medium businesses are faced with the same challenges as large corporations. Small and medium businesses that successfully established themselves on the market with the right pricing strategy now have to question their cost position and competitiveness constantly. And excellent customer service is also a must for SMBs.

Because of all this, even successful businesses on the market have to concentrate not only on the product itself but also on building a solid supply chain. There is often a vast amount of optimization potential because existing processes and structures have become obsolete over the years. 

4flow optimizes the value chains of small and medium businesses

Especially when working with small and medium businesses, it is essential to demonstrate implementation expertise from the project start. Our reputation as skilled implementers is attributed to our measurable results and high rate of implementation.

Small and medium businesses are often able to optimize their entire supply chain – from their customers back to the distribution structures and manufacturing networks to a roster of optimized and integrated suppliers. Such projects are more straightforward at smaller companies than they are at large organizations.

The flexibilization of supply chains, the optimization of networks, the introduction of lean methods in manufacturing and logistics, and the integration of transportation network design, management, and optimization, all represent major levers for optimization. We apply our insights and best practices from similar projects we have carried out in a variety of sectors.

4flow carries out optimization projects or handles optimization for clients as a long-term outsourcing partner.

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