Warehouse & distribution

Distribution networks in dynamic environments must meet requirements that are in constant change. 4flow supports businesses with optimizing their status quo and on the way from stand-alone digital solutions to a fully automated smart warehouse.

Digital intralogistics

To realize the full potential offered by digital intralogistics, digital solutions need to be synchronized and combined into a harmonious whole. 4flow works together with businesses to move from standalone solutions to a completely autonomous supply chain – the central nervous system of modern value creation – using customized roadmaps and technological strategic targets.

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E-commerce and omni-channel

Digitization is constantly changing customers’ shopping habits as well as their expectations about the range of goods and services offered. Companies with business models based solely on e-commerce require perfectly functioning supply chains in order to manage growth, maintain the perfect customer experience and keep costs under control.  For companies entering this dynamic market environment and expanding their business models to include e-commerce, it is important to understand the supply chain requirements of new distribution channels in order to take advantage of the synergies of traditional and Internet-based sales channels.

With a holistic fulfillment approach that has been successfully applied in countless customer projects, 4flow supports the development of an adaptive supply chain strategy and enables both omni-channel and online pure players to realize significant cost savings at all points along the value chain.

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