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“Each year, 4flow carries out more than 300 projects with clients all over the world. We serve large and mid-sized companies in all industries.”

Katharina von Helldorff-Mager, Partner

4flow offers services and solutions tailored for every industry. Our experts in supply chain consulting, software, and outsourcing services have years of experience and know the best practices in each sector. We know the ins and outs of supply chains and can find the best solution for each client.

Major international corporations and mid-sized businesses are among many satisfied clients. We serve companies with annual sales volumes ranging from $250 billion to about $18 million.

All of our business units are active on a global level.  Every day, our talented team members are helping clients get excellent results with projects in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa.

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  • Success Stories

    Each year, 4flow works with its customers to complete numerous successful projects.…

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  • Automotive manufacturers

    The supply chain is one of the most critical areas of optimization for automotive…

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  • Automotive suppliers

    Cost and service pressures are a major concern for suppliers – with real opportunities…

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  • Machinery manufacturers

    Machinery manufacturers operate globally. The strong dynamics of this industry call…

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  • High-tech and telecommunications

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  • Pharma & Life Sciences

    Get fast, seamless, and cost-optimized logistics through efficient and flexible supply…

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  • Basic materials and chemicals

    Production sites at which raw materials are refined or a final product is manufactured…

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Success Stories

Each year, 4flow works with its customers to complete numerous successful projects. Explore a selection of supply chain success stories from across various industries.

Success story automotive industry

Planning the relocation and go-live of a global logistics center for JOST

Constant growth and legacy infrastructure can bring global logistics centers to their capacity limits. 4flow supported its customer JOST through a relocation of its global logistics center.

Success story automotive manufacturing

End-to-end transparency and shipment tracking

Enabled by the increasing automation of operational processes, businesses are coming to rely more and more on shipment tracking. 4flow collaborated with Mercedes-Benz AG to develop and roll out a Track & Trace system for intercontinental supply chains.

Success story automotive supplier

Video: Digital transformation of Magna’s inbound supply chain for cost savings and greater efficiency

Magna, a leading brand-independent automotive engineering and parts manufacturing business, optimized its inbound supply chain in collaboration with 4flow. The digital transformation project created a more sustainable, agile supply chain – with significant reductions in transportation costs, number of shipments and carbon emissions.