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Success Stories

Each year, 4flow works with its customers to complete numerous successful projects. Explore a selection of supply chain success stories from across various industries.

Success story automotive

Supply chain’s essential role in automotive start-ups

When INEOS Automotive was founded in 2017 as a new automotive manufacturer, it faced a unique challenge. It aimed to start production of a new vehicle in just four years, which meant it needed to establish end-to-end supply chain processes, including information and material flows, as efficiently as possible.

Success story life sciences

Reducing global lead times to improve customer experience at Becton Dickinson

4flow collaborates with BD to reduce delivery lead times at a global scale. The scope of the project included BD Bioscience’s distribution network in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions and was carried out by an international team comprised of both BD and 4flow.

Success story consumer goods

BAT and 4flow implement transportation planning software and design global roll-out

BAT is a leading multi-category consumer goods business with a global footprint. 4flow worked with BAT to support the roll-out of the Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer (TLO) by 4flow for outbound transportation in the United States as a pilot, then globally.

Success story automotive manufacturing

End-to-end transparency and shipment tracking

Enabled by the increasing automation of operational processes, businesses are coming to rely more and more on shipment tracking. 4flow collaborated with Mercedes-Benz AG to develop and roll out a Track & Trace system for intercontinental supply chains.

Success story automotive supplier

Video: Digital transformation of Magna’s inbound supply chain for cost savings and greater efficiency

Magna, a leading brand-independent automotive engineering and parts manufacturing business, optimized its inbound supply chain in collaboration with 4flow. The digital transformation project created a more sustainable, agile supply chain – with significant reductions in transportation costs, number of shipments and carbon emissions.

Success story automotive industry

Planning the relocation and go-live of a global logistics center for JOST

Constant growth and legacy infrastructure can bring global logistics centers to their capacity limits. 4flow supported its customer JOST through a relocation of its global logistics center.

Success story consumer goods and retail

How Mars significantly reduces supply chain costs with continuous optimization

Against a backdrop of increasing demand volatility, dynamic market developments and growing competition, businesses in FMCG need to focus on reducing costs today to remain competitive tomorrow.

Success story medium-sized businesses

How the medium-sized business BOS maximizes its supply chain potential

Many hidden champions and medium-sized businesses are faced with the daily challenge of planning, managing and dynamically optimizing their transportation and supply chain processes while simultaneously keeping costs down. Together with 4flow, the automotive supplier BOS is making its global supply chain network sustainably fit for the future.

Success story retail and consumer goods

Fashion retailer CCC and 4flow optimize a distribution center and increase input for the new brand HalfPrice

The fashion retailer CCC is established in classic brick and mortar as well as e-commerce. Its ambitious business plan included quickly opening around 60 locations within 9 months. To achieve this goal, 4flow optimized a distribution center for the newly founded off-price brand HalfPrice.

Success story consumer goods and retail

Restructuring processes at a HelloFresh distribution center

HelloFresh, the world's leading supplier of meal kits, selected 4flow to rapidly increase distribution center output and stabilize production and supply chain processes. By working together with the 4flow consulting team, the necessary process restructuring was quickly achieved. In just four weeks, throughput increased by 25% and efficiency by 10%.

Success story automotive manufacturers

4flow plans a powertrain plant’s supply chain transformation to electric mobility

Around the world, vehicle manufacturers are faced with the challenge of ensuring the smooth and efficient transformation from conventional drive systems to new ones.

Success story industrial manufacturing

How Schneider Electric and 4flow designed a new logistics site

As an expert in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric has a global presence with more than 135,000 employees in over 100 countries and regions. With leading energy and automation digital solutions for its customers, the company aims to empower all to make the most of energy and resources by bridging progress and sustainability.

Success story manufacturing

Global success in transportation management at Bosch

As consultant and provider of software and 4PL services, 4flow collaborated with Bosch to analyze as-is processes and develop and implement a new strategy for globally standardized and integrated transportation management.

Success story machinery manufacturers

Creating a global spare parts hub concept for KraussMaffei

Successful aftersales service is the key to long-term customer relationships and satisfaction, particularly when it comes to high-quality machinery and systems. Each delay in the provision of spare parts can quickly have significant effects.

Success story vehicle manufacturing

Award-winning digitization initiative “AGCO Smart Logistics”

In just 18 months, the globally operating agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO worked with 4flow to digitize its inbound supply chain. For their innovative overall concept, AGCO and 4flow received the German Award for Supply Chain Management.

Success story consumer goods and retail

Sustainable and efficient logistics into the future at the BSH Appliance Park

Together with BSH Home Appliances (BSH), 4flow developed a traffic concept to consider future production capacities and the corresponding supply chain volume for BSH’s Home Appliance Park in Chuzhou, China.

Success story machinery manufacturers

Highly efficient spare parts logistics at ENGEL

ENGEL, one of the global leaders in injection-molding machine manufacturing, worked together with 4flow consulting to develop a strategy study for a make-or-buy decision for ENGEL’s spare parts business – and thereby developed a strategy for securing this business for the future.

Success story automotive suppliers

Continental and 4flow automate processes using RPA

Together with Continental Automotive Holding Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, 4flow identified processes that were suitable for RPA automation and successfully implemented a pilot test. After only 2 weeks from the start of the project, it was possible to increase the efficiency of automated processes by more than 20%.

Customer reference automotive manufacturers

Opel/Vauxhall and 4flow develop digital solutions in spare parts logistics

Automotive manufacturer Opel/Vauxhall has collaborated with 4flow since 2011 to optimize its European transportation network for spare parts. To achieve this, Opel/Vauxhall has implemented a comprehensive digitization strategy.