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Increasing efficiency & optimizing processes

With a holistic approach and clearly defined processes, many businesses’ in-house logistics systems can quickly be made much more efficient. 4flow creates transparency about process costs and system maturity and develops concrete measures for implementation that lead to measurable results from day one.

How can businesses perfect their supply chain processes to achieve maximum cost efficiency? How can volume increases be handled without having to adjust available space or resources and how can throughput time be reduced? These types of questions are particularly relevant for intralogistics systems and the production environment. Global competition and accelerated, partially disruptive changes in markets are posing significant challenges for many businesses.

Better performance with lower costs

The solution for increasing efficiency requires a holistic approach. In-house logistics needs to be examined at various system layers and assessed using defined efficiency dimensions. Measurable key performance indicators (KPI) serve to quantify the results of the measures for improvement.

By combining speed with a holistic approach on projects focused on efficiency, 4flow’s intralogistics experts have developed an efficiency and supply chain cost audit. Through an assessment of the system and the development of appropriate measures, an agile structure is formed that quickly leads to measurable results.

An essential first step in the audit is to create transparency about process costs and system maturity based on a well-proven maturity level model. In addition to a deep understanding of processes, 4flow also has the relevant industry expertise to match process maturity level to the industry context. Transparency is the pre-requirement for an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a supply chain system.

Developing and evaluating concrete optimization measures is also a central component of the efficiency and supply chain cost audit. In order to quickly realize the benefit of the developed measures, they are structured in a roadmap.

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Benefits of an audit at a glance:

  • Quick, measurable results from day one
  • Transparency about costs and individual process maturity level
  • Holistic analysis and quantification of potentials
  • Development of concrete measures to be implemented
  • Clear roadmap for short-term and longer-term realization

10,000 cross-industry benchmarks and more than 200 successful projects

4flow applies further proven tools and methods to ensure holistic project results throughout the entire audit. 4flow has successfully developed this approach in more than 200 cost initiatives. For example, more than 10,000 cross-industry KPI benchmarks have helped to precisely evaluate system performance as part of a maturity level model.

During the process, the performance of the supply chain system is evaluated by comparing industry-specific best practices along three system layers: structure & organization, material & information flow, process & equipment. The specific system maturity level enables well-founded conclusions to be drawn about the potential for optimization.

What 4flow offers:

  • Potential savings of approximately 15% of in-house supply chain costs
  • More than 10,000 process benchmarks from all industries
  • Proven methods perfected throughout more than 200 projects
  • A global team of experienced intralogistics experts