Alumni Network

The 4flow Alumni Network is a community of former and current 4flowers that supports the sharing of knowledge and experience and provides inspiration for all. On our communication channels you can stay informed about company news, exciting professional topics and job opportunities at 4flow. We also offer the opportunity to meet up, share ideas and network at our regular meetings.

The 4flow alumni network offers the opportunity to meet up with former team members and to meet those that are new to 4flow.

Through the 4flow Alumni Network we share information about new developments at 4flow and offer exciting insights into our projects. We also keep our members up to date about career opportunities at 4flow.

The network promotes networking on a professional and personal level so that all members can benefit from the sharing of one other’s career experiences and perspectives.

“In the 20-year history of our company, one thing has impressed me in particular: the many committed and talented people who have shared 4flow’s journey and helped make a significant contribution to our success. With the 4flow alumni network, we want to create a community where we can all get together, share ideas and benefit from one another’s experiences.”

Kai Althoff, CEO at 4flow


What audience does the 4flow Alumni Network wish to reach?

In addition to current 4flowers, all those who were formerly employed at 4flow for more than 6 months are welcome to join the network.

How can I join the 4flow Alumni Network?

All those interested in networking and staying informed about events and new developments can join our 4flow Alumni Network LinkedIn Group.

Where can I find more information about the 4flow Alumni Network?

On our 4flow Alumni Network LinkedIn Group, we share all news about the network as well as insights about what’s happening at 4flow and topics in supply chain.

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