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Supply chain sustainability consulting

Supply chains play a significant role in corporate sustainability. In addition to their environmental impact, organizations must consider political and market demands and global disruptions.

End-to-end supply chain optimization involves many partners, customers and suppliers – for this reason supply chain is one of the areas with the biggest impact on corporate sustainability. The environmental impact is only one part of a sustainable supply chain. Because supply chains are large and often global networks involving many people across regions and countries, both social and economic dimensions are important factors in an organization’s sustainable supply chain. Effective supply chain sustainability consulting considers all three elements.

Businesses across industries gain both relevance and trust if they track and communicate their corporate sustainability measures transparently. Customers are growing increasingly aware of sustainability efforts, preferring organizations that are more socially and environmentally responsible. Additionally, governments around the world are beginning to implement regulations for sustainable supply chains, including sustainable logistics and operations. Supply chains contain some of the largest and most effective levers to improve corporate sustainability – an end-to-end supply chain is responsible for several times the emissions of direct operations alone.

Measuring and improving supply chain sustainability has many benefits. It reduces operational costs, increases supply chain flexibility and boosts brand, market and internal perception. Cost savings, for instance, can be achieved by using resources more efficiently and minimizing or avoiding carbon taxes with sustainable logistics, among other levers. Improved resilience and service levels come with increased supplier engagement and supply chain visibility tools. Though less commonly linked to sustainability, corporate image and sales can also be strengthened with transparent communication about sustainability initiatives.

4flow helps customers understand and effectively improve their supply chain sustainability

4flow collaborates with businesses to gain a clear view of how sustainable their current supply chain is. By identifying and measuring all relevant impact areas and respective stakeholders, 4flow enables customers to come up with an individual sustainability baseline. With proven benchmarks and best practices, 4flow supply chain sustainability consulting helps to identify and prioritize the most suitable and effective optimization measures for each customer.

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4flow’s expertise in optimizing supply chain sustainability

  • Supply chain sustainability audit to assess the status quo
  • End-to-end supply chain environmental footprint reduction
  • Sustainable network design and optimization 
  • Carbon emission reduction with transportation optimization
  • Implementation of reusable container concepts as part of a circular economy
  • Factory design for carbon-neutral production and logistics
  • Sustainable logistics and warehouse facilities
  • Total cost of sustainable ownership as a strategic indicator for decision-making

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