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Wherever there are high relative supply chain costs, there are also optimization opportunities. Nowhere does poor service lead directly to less sales revenue than in consumer goods and retail. The supply chain can make or break your competitive edge.

The consumer goods and retail industries represent the backbone of Germany's economy. Both sectors are marked by a high level of competition and cost pressures and are highly customer-oriented. End consumers demand product variety, delivery times, and service. Almost nowhere else have value chains changed as radically because of the internet as in consumer goods and retail.

In order to stay competitive, retailers have to meet the needs of their customers. Multi-channel sales, a high degree of flexibility, and excellent customer service are practically must-haves for businesses today. The supply chain can provide key leverage to fulfill high service requirements and seize opportunities to save costs.
The consumer goods and retail sectors are often pioneers of innovative concepts in supply chain management. Concepts such as VMI (vendor-managed inventory), ECR (efficient consumer response) and CPFR (collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment) aim to improve supply chain performance.

4flow combines best practices with innovative approaches

4flow has comprehensive expertise and applies best practices to meet the special requirements in consumer goods and retail. With our three business lines, 4flow is the ideal partner for end-to-end optimization of sophisticated supply networks and transportation. With an innovative approach, 4flow takes over the strategic redesign of networks along with tactical transportation optimization. 4flow even manages networks long-term to ensure solutions costs and services are optimized continuously.

With software solutions developed specifically for consumer goods and retail, 4flow creates cost visibility throughout the entire supply chain. With flow type simulation in 4flow vista® distribution costs from suppliers to the point of sale (POS) can be reduced. 4flow also optimizes warehouse locations or supplier management thereby establishing the conditions for optimal supply chain processes in consumer goods and retail.

4flow is also a trailblazer when it comes to developing innovative methods for the consumer goods and retail industries. Commissioned by the German logistics association, BVL International, 4flow is investigating current requirements and trends in retail logistics; we are also participating in the SEAK project (decision support for companies to overcome bottlenecks in food supply). And 4flow is also part of the ECR Europe initiative in which food producers and retailers work together to develop methods that help the industry respond better to consumer needs.


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