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Smart warehouse & digital logistics

4flow supports businesses in the transformation from stand-alone digital solutions to an entirely smart warehouse with digital logistics as a central nervous system of modern value creation networks.

Self-managed internal transportation systems, AI-supported dynamic demand forecasts, and flexibly automated warehouse systems will be the future of digital logistics – and are already used in the supply chains of digital pioneers today. Most of these advanced warehouses, however, still only have stand-alone solutions that are not linked together. Even progressive businesses have not yet achieved all that is possible with a harmonized system of all logistics functions in a smart warehouse.

Challenges on the road to digital logistics

Businesses need a structured plan for warehouse digitization to ensure successful transformation that lasts beyond the initial momentum of a pilot project. While many automation solutions are familiar to supply chain professionals, there lies even greater potential in integrated information processing than is currently being used. The power to be unlocked by current and future digital logistics solutions is still being discovered. To maximize the effects of a digital transformation, businesses benefit from a collaboration with digital experts.

An end-to-end approach is the key to a smart warehouse

4flow works with businesses to determine their individual starting point on the way to a smart warehouse, develop a target situation, and make a plan of actionable next steps. Specifically, this includes integrating IT systems, automation solutions, identification technologies and the digital management and processing of data in business analytics and control applications along process chains. With our proven system level model, 4flow brings together the various relevant levels in a structured plan.

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Benefits for 4flow customers include:

  • Total transparency over current material and information flow technologies
  • A roadmap to a smart warehouse customized to meet specific requirements
  • Yearslong experience developing and implementing digitization initiatives in internal logistics
  • Close, neutral cooperation with high-tech digital logistics providers as well as with 4flow research