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Supply chain organization

Supply chain organization is much more complex today than ever before. This is an advantage, since it offers even more potential for improving efficiency, agility and speed. Supply chain organization is becoming increasingly important for competitive success.

Strong growth, cost-cutting measures, and mergers and acquisitions are often reasons to adjust and change the supply chain organization. Increasing digitization also requires change to organizational structures for many businesses. Whatever the case may be, a well-implemented structure and process organization enables more efficiency, creates transparency and agility in processes, and equips businesses for future challenges.

A state-of-the-art supply chain organization needs to meet greater requirements today than it did in the past. International corporate structures and the trend towards New Work require networking and virtual collaboration between teams across all continents. As a result, the use of new technologies is changing not only processes, but also the established roles and requirement profiles for employees that need to be adjusted to the new conditions.

Driven by a cross-functional concept, the supply chain organization has an increasing number of players including sales, production, purchasing and supply chain. These complexities can only be mastered using an agile and custom-made organizational approach. At the same time, efficiency potential must also be continuously identified, evaluated and implemented. A centralization of organizational units or an outsourcing of functions to experts in the market help create a lean supply chain organization.

4flow works together with businesses to design and adjust their supply chain organizations

4flow collaborates with businesses to reorganize along entire supply chains and to identify extensive potential through organizational reengineering. With proven benchmarks and best practices, 4flow experts design the organization from supply chain planning to sales & operations planning.

Mapping the cross-functional responsibilities for supply chain organization commonly requires a strong willingness for change on the part of employees. For these change processes to be accepted and then supported, 4flow uses its proven change management methods in organization projects.

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What 4flow offers:

  • Design of future-proof, state-of-the-art organization according to business and supply chain strategies
  • Use of proven organizational models based on best practices and benchmarks
  • Resolution of cross-departmental conflicts of interest and moderation of changes in corporate culture
  • Creation of clear interfaces and responsibilities within the organization
  • Seamless integration of formerly separate organizational units into the global context

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