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High demands on service and efficiency require that particular attention be paid to how logistics networks are operated.

Customers expect service providers to innovate, integrate, and be efficient when it comes to managing their logistics networks. Moreover, globalization, acceleration, and the increasing complexity of information logistics are all factors currently affecting logistics service providers. These factors can result in a lack of transparency about the services performed and the resources used. When this situation results in not meeting performance objectives or cost targets, it is time to take action.

In order to overcome these constant challenges, 4flow works with logistics service providers in a variety of areas, ranging from defining a strategy to executing it. 

4flow supports logistics service providers with all strategic and operational issues

4flow supports logistics service providers with the strategic alignment of their organizations by gathering market data to analyze competitors, costs, and prices and creates recommended courses of action for decision makers based on business cases. 4flow helps logistics service providers design logistics service products with the objective of achieving the best-possible quality and high profit margins while optimizing processes, systems, and entire networks. The logistics networks might already exist or may be newly engineered altogether. Either way, professional tools and methods are applied from designing straightforward transportation flows to complex supply chains. Logistics service providers are supported during bidding and proposal processes, from preparing an offer to implementing a solution.

4flow has a full range of experience in the logistics services field and extensive insight into the market, which is constantly enhanced through new projects.

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