Business process outsourcing

Supply chain management

4flow takes over the continuous management of supply chains as part of business process outsourcing (BPO).

The complexity and volume of goods in supply chains is increasing steadily. As network structures become outdated over time, it is rare today to find material, information and transportation flows that have been combined and processed efficiently. The transparency required to prevent imminent bottlenecks in a timely and sustainable manner is often insufficient and the necessary interaction of all supply chain players simply does not occur. A lack of existing general transportation standards and uniform procedures for material management and the purchasing of logistics services only adds to this complexity.

High costs and marginal performance throughout the entire supply network are the result. Added to this are non-transparency, long throughput times, high inventory levels and an inflexible supply chain.

As part of a BPO, business processes along the existing supply chain are optimized and rebuilt. All modes of transportation including land, sea and air freight are developed according to specific customer requirements and implemented into multimodal, global networks.

4flow supports the outsourcing process from planning to execution

Through managed services, 4flow supports customers in the development, optimization and management of global supply chains. By enabling global transportation networks that are tailored to a customer’s specific needs, significant optimization opportunities are harnessed. These new networks and their material flows are continuously managed and optimized by 4flow. Within the BPO framework, 4flow takes on the role of main manager and integrator, ensuring a sustainable improvement process within the supply chain.

Using state-of-the-art software technologies, 4flow also handles bottleneck and event management. Daily auditing allows immediate reaction to deviations in the network. Further services such as order, supplier, material and plant management as well as packaging planning are performed according to specific customer requirements.

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