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Short product life cycles and fluctuating demand are typical for the high-tech and telecommunications sectors. Both call for a perfect interplay among individual segments of the supply chain.

The high-tech and telecommunications market is characterized by high standards of quality and constant innovation. The amount of new technologies and devices is constantly on the rise.

The increasing number of models produced and sold by different manufacturers and shorter product life cycles, pose a challenge to supply chain management as a function. Customer demand is difficult to predict due to changing trends, offers made by the competition and other factors. Because of all this, it is absolutely critical and a major challenge for suppliers to get the right model or product as quickly as possible. In order to guarantee that goods are available, large amounts of stock are accumulated, which lead to high costs and inefficiency.

These supply chains are often global and quite long when compared to the product life cycles. The networks themselves change quickly and are complex.

4flow improves supply chain performance in dynamic markets

For companies in high-tech and telecommunications, 4flow optimizes the supply chain so that processes and structures are set up to withstand a dynamic market environment. End-to-end process concepts reinforced by IT solutions implemented throughout the entire chain help establish transparency across all layers of the supply chain.

Experts from 4flow consulting and 4flow software develop solutions based on individual circumstances and objectives. Dynamic inventory management, for example, can be implemented at a company to help it react to changes in demand on short notice.

4flow supports manufacturers of information and communications equipment in aftermarket as well. We do this by continuously optimizing and actively managing the replacement parts network in order to keep logistics costs low and customer satisfaction high.

4flow helps businesses in the high-tech and telecommunications sector increase the availability of deliveries, lower lead times and cost-optimized networks and leaner inventories.

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