Transportation management

Dynamic slot management

4flow combines real-time visibility with advanced slot management and the ability to react to operational changes in transportation execution.

Slots for loading and unloading often have to be replanned. Shipping delays or early deliveries, unexpected staff shortages or delays at preceding loading points can make changes necessary. As a result, slots go unused and slot management can fall behind. Pallets prepared for allotted trucks block shipping areas and must be re-loaded to fill other orders first. All of these loading and re-loading operations require time and effort.

4flow’s dynamic slot management combines real-time tracking data from individual shipments with integrated slot management and the ability to react to operational changes in transportation execution. Delayed shipments are identified proactively and time slots are re-booked to reduce unnecessary preparation and waiting time. Time slot booking based on real-time tracking data increases efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers.

Added value with dynamic slot management

4flow’s dynamic slot management is easy to implement and ready to go within just a few weeks.

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Additional advantages include:

  • More balanced utilization of resources in goods issue and goods receiving areas
  • Prevention of short-notice and labor-intensive replanning in warehouses
  • Early identification of delivery bottlenecks due to shipping delays
  • Reduced waiting time for carriers, resulting in improved freight prices
  • Improved sustainability in the supply chain due to better resource utilization

This video provides a more detailed look at the use cases and benefits of our dynamic time slot management service.

Additional integration possibilities

Dynamic slot management combined with our integrated transportation management leads to continual reduction of transportation costs while simultaneously increasing network performance.

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