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Renewable energy

There is great potential to improve performance and efficiency in the renewable energy sector. An optimal supply chain design results in a substantial competitive edge.

The reliance on renewable energy to generate electricity has increased tremendously in recent years. This is the case in Germany as well as around the world as more and more countries consider opting out of nuclear energy. This development, however, has led to new global competition, resulting in a downward price trend especially in the solar industry.

Companies from the renewable energy sector manufacture very innovative products but due to historical reasons do not always have well-organized structures within their supply chains. Oftentimes, the overall assessment of market opportunities did not align with supply chain capabilities, manufacturing processes, and the existing production control systems. Moreover, the demand for high service levels especially in the solar industry and seasonal peaks throughout the year cause considerable variations in volume. As a result, warehouses often operate beyond capacity, inventory costs are high, the organization is overstrained, IT-based monitoring systems are not implemented end to end, supply chain structures are not flexible enough, and a focus on processes is not fully implemented.

In order for growth to be successful, it is vital that cross-functional processes are implemented and standardized. 

4flow enables manufacturers to keep up with market growth

4flow knows and understands the special requirements and quickly achieves process improvements and cost savings for customers in the renewable energy sector. When transparency throughout process chains is created, weaknesses and optimization potential can be identified.

The optimization experts at 4flow also align clients’ supply chains with the latest developments in logistics. By introducing standardized actions such as lean manufacturing and lean logistics or making the supply chain flexible, manufacturers become equipped to keep up with fast-paced market growth. 4flow is also a competent and reliable partner when planning and implementing material flows for new plants, or creating logistics strategies.

The 4flow supply chain experts also understand the ins and outs of the renewable energy business. For instance, we apply best practices from both solar module manufacturing and the handling of very large parts for wind energy as well.

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