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A holistic understanding of all fulfillment requirements facilitates a sustainable strategy for e-commerce and the omni-channel supply chain.

Digitization is constantly changing customers’ shopping habits as well as their expectations about the range of goods and services offered. Companies with business models based solely on e-commerce require perfectly functioning supply chains in order to manage growth, maintain the perfect customer experience and keep costs under control. For companies entering this dynamic market environment and expanding their business models to include e-commerce, it is important to understand the supply chain requirements of new distribution channels in order to take advantage of the synergies of traditional and Internet-based sales channels. The ultimate goal is the fulfillment of individual customers’ expectations.

4flow supports the development of an adaptive supply chain strategy that focuses on service and cost efficiency

4flow takes a holistic approach to develop supply chain strategies for e-commerce or an omni-channel mix. With a fulfillment approach that has been successfully applied in countless customer projects, 4flow develops supply chain strategy solutions that include:

  • Network structure
  • Fulfillment organizational models and processes
  • Technology concepts in logistics centers and/or stationary markets
  • IT applications

Experience in implementing these supply chain strategies shows that a holistic fulfillment approach for both omni-channel and online pure players leads to significant cost savings at many points along the value chain.

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Further advantages result in improved customer service, for example by:

  • Reducing delivery times
  • Increasing article availability
  • Sustainable network design and optimization
  • Order transparency along the entire supply chain
  • Quick and low-risk integration of new distribution concepts