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Sustainability consulting with SAP Product Footprint Management

Achieve continuous sustainability improvements in end-to-end supply chains

Sustainability is quickly becoming a crucial factor in supply chains. Around the world, regulations will require businesses to report on their environmental footprint, and some government administrations are already implementing environmentally motivated taxes. Meanwhile, customer preference is further driving the need for sustainability. Consumers often consider sustainability when making purchases, preferring options with traceable product footprints.

4flow’s sustainable supply chain consulting helps businesses achieve a net-zero cycle to enable iterative, sustainable change. 4flow’s approach enables continuous supply chain optimization for sustainability by considering factors across the supply chain like carbon emissions and water consumption across product lifecycles.

As part of this process, the software SAP Product Footprint Management calculates the carbon footprint of each end product and every component or part. 4flow helps businesses integrate this data into their sustainability strategy, along with additional data on environmental impact from sourcing to delivery. This comprehensive analysis forms the basis for supply chain optimization with the goal of improving sustainability.

4flow’s sustainability consulting with SAP Product Footprint Management can be leveraged to make effective long-term change in businesses’ supply chains and their overall brands. It enables businesses to track and minimize their environmental impact, boosts transparency and efficiency across the supply chain and simplifies reporting to government authorities, investors, and other stakeholders. Additionally, by continuously optimizing their supply chains for sustainability, businesses gain a competitive market advantage by aligning their brand values with those of their customers.

Benefits of 4flow’s supply chain sustainability consulting with SAP Product Footprint Management:

  • Transparency and traceability: Track carbon footprint for the supply chain network and material flow
  • Optimization: Reduce carbon footprint by considering network and transportation optimization and factory design
  • Analytics and insights: Measure, monitor and visualize footprint KPIs to improve sustainability 
  • Stakeholder fit: Provides KPIs relevant for diverse roles, including sustainability officers, CSCOs, compliance, accounting, factory managers and more
  • Reporting: Prepare for government reporting, meet corporate goals and maintain brand values, including product reliability
  • Process chain integration: Distribute footprint data across end-to-end supply chain and partner network to empower collaborative improvement

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