Transportation management

The potential for cost savings in transportation is substantial. For many companies, transportation costs make up more than half of all supply chain costs. 4flow optimizes networks and transportation and handles transportation management long-term.

Network optimization

Due to the globalization of markets and the international orientation of most businesses, planning and managing supply chain networks is becoming more complex. Global supply chain networks are often not planned systematically, but result from growth over time. This can lead to non-transparent material flows and cost allocations.

4flow plans supply chain networks according to individual requirements or adjusts them to align with new situations. This results in new structures and optimized processes.

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Distribution optimization

Outdated distribution structures that have not recently been optimized from the bottom up often fail to meet current requirements. An increasingly broader product assortment with ever-shorter product life cycles calls for fast-responding supply chains. With consumer behavior changing and new distribution channels opening up, the process of distributing goods is becoming more complex.

With targeted actions, 4flow works with clients to reduce distribution costs while boosting delivery performance and improving product availability at the same time.

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Dynamic slot management

Slots for loading and unloading often have to be replanned. Shipping delays or early deliveries, unexpected staff shortages or delays at preceding loading points can make changes necessary. As a result, slots go unused and slot management can fall behind. Pallets prepared for allotted trucks block shipping areas and must be re-loaded to fill other orders first. All of these loading and re-loading operations require time and effort.

4flow’s dynamic slot management combines real-time tracking data from individual shipments with integrated slot management and the ability to react to operational changes in transportation execution. Delayed shipments are identified proactively and time slots are re-booked to reduce unnecessary preparation and waiting time. Time slot booking based on real-time tracking data increases efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers.

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Sustainable transportation

Reducing carbon emissions in transportation networks is increasingly important to businesses. This helps companies achieve environmental goals sustainably and cost-effectively and enables them to take responsibility for global environmental protection. However, there is often little transparency about indirect carbon emissions from external transporta-tion services (scope 3 emissions). Yet even when scope 3 emissions are known, the steps to reduce or avoid them are often missing in existing logistics structures.

4flow works together with businesses in sustainable transportation to optimize network costs. We do this by evaluating carbon emissions for their collective logistics activities and optimizing their carbon footprints in the supply chain.

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