Supply chain strategy

Business development

4flow's cross-functional market knowledge allows a holistic assessment of business lines to enhance an existing supply chain portfolio.

Increasing globalization of the economy and e-commerce has created steady growth in both global and domestic supply chain service sectors. This has opened up opportunities for companies to tap into new sources of revenue. By enhancing an existing supply chain portfolio to include third-party customers, current supply chain structures can be better utilized and costs for core services can be reduced.
Finding the right business area is a challenge for many companies. Lack of knowledge about customer requirements for new services and industries, or market entry barriers and cost structures, often prevents a complete evaluation of the possibilities and risks. As a result, many companies do not attempt to develop their businesses, or are unsuccessful due to the lack of knowledge about supply chain and the market.

Focus on existing supply chain structures and market requirement

At 4flow, the approach we take during a project is to first identify and assess attractive target industries and customer clusters. Drawing on many years of cross-disciplinary experience in logistics and supply chain management, 4flow applies its expertise across a broad portfolio of business areas as well as their requirements and cost structures. A company-tailored assessment is carried out on the basis of existing supply chain structures and specific business area requirements.

Practice Strategy

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Through projects, customers typically benefit from the following advantages:

  • Transparency on new target industries and customer clusters, including new market niches
  • Establishment of new sustainable customer groups and revenue
  • Expert evaluation of market entry barriers and cost structures
  • Consideration of existing supply chain services and costs
  • Selection and implementation of new business areas for logistics service providers for the long term