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Designing the future of automotive supply chain planning

While the automotive industry is facing fundamental challenges, concurrent, end-to-end supply chain planning is a key success factor in enabling quick and agile supply chains. 4flow shows how concurrent planning can be optimally used in the automotive industry. In a series of webinars, learn about the major benefits of concurrent, end-to-end supply chain planning.

Concurrent planning for automotive supply chains

Automotive supply chains are changing dramatically given the increase in new technologies, changing consumer preferences, sustainability policies and new business models. These developments are leading to heightened uncertainty, complexity and the accelerated fragility of supply chains. End-to-end supply chain planning plays a critical role in coping with these challenges. Concurrent supply chain planning enables supply chains that are faster, more agile and more resilient.

While the importance of supply chain planning is widely understood, for many businesses traditional processes are still too slow and involve time-intensive, siloed planning efforts. This means the end-to-end impact of the changes that are planned might not be considered sufficiently.

Concurrent planning, the new way to plan

Concurrent, end-to end planning is one the latest developments in supply chain planning. In the following video, Dr. Marc Schleyer, vice president at 4flow consulting, explains its major benefits.

The use cases for automotive supply chain planning are numerous, ranging from managing short term disruptions to creating more sustainable footprints and investment decisions.

Learn more about automotive supply chain planning solutions

In a series of webinars, we will provide you with insights on concurrent, end-to-end, supply chain planning. We will focus on strategic challenges as well as operational planning requirements and solutions for the automotive industry.

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