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Material flow planning

The end-to-end optimization of all material and information flows lowers costs of internal logistics and increases security of supply and flexibility.

Warehouse and factory planning is guided by an organization’s strategic direction. The optimal and efficient design of both content and organization in a factory or warehouse planning project is essential to achieve the business’s long-term goals.

There are many reasons for a warehouse or factory planning project:

  • Legacy structures or business acquisitions
  • Restructuring or reorganization of business
  • New construction of a site due to reached capacity in current setup
  • Large changes in volume or business

The strategic framework and the range of solutions it defines are designed in the process of goal, concept, and detail planning and achieved in implementation.

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Ensure long-term efficiency of sites with optimized structures

A well-founded database and transparent site requirements are the foundation for defining processes and structures along the value chain.

The proven 4flow method for site and material flow planning enables the implementation of an optimized intralogistics and production system. Results include precise layouts with high-performing physical and information flows and coordinated process steps. These are supported by end-to-end organization planning and consideration of given conditions in infrastructure. In the process, 4flow develops various scenarios based on the design principles of lean logistics in an ideal and realistic planning format.

In the foreground of the site concept is the maximized flow orientation, information synchronization and end-to-end standardization.

The implementation of new logistics and production processes in existing or new structures requires the integration of many interface partners. As a central player, 4flow takes on full responsibility for project management and guarantees the successful adherence to timelines, quality criteria and budget through the go-live and the successive process stabilization.

Your solutions at a glance

  • Identification of requirements for warehouse and factory planning with long-term viability
  • Optimized material flow plan and area layout
  • Innovative planning tools and virtual walk-throughs in the design phase
  • Total-cost-oriented, end-to-end planning approach for logistics and productions systems
  • Global team of seasoned experts in intralogistics and production