Digital supply chain

Digital supply chain transformation

A digital supply chain gives businesses a clear competitive advantage, which is being increased by growing complexity and dynamically changing general conditions. The targeted use of best-of-breed IT solutions along the entire supply chain enables agility, high service levels and cost efficiency.

Amid the growing complexity of today’s supply chains, close interplay between processes and IT and continuously evolving IT systems and tools, digital supply chains have become essential for businesses to stay competitive. Successful digital transformation offers a variety of benefits:

  • End-to-end supply chain transparency
  • Stable processes and high service levels
  • Significant cost reduction

In order to harness the full optimization potential of a digital supply chain, however, the transformation must be holistic. Businesses should aim to find a global optimum rather than local optimums for individual supply chain silos. To achieve this, all processes must be standardized, harmonized and connected across different locations and functions. This is supported by a holistic state-of-the-art supply chain IT system landscape with carefully selected and coordinated best-of-breed IT solutions. Reducing manual interfaces and data inconsistencies as well as optimizing system interactions are important steps in this process. Along with accompanying organizational changes, this enables businesses to achieve the following potential:

  • Optimized utilization of resources such as machines, staff, space, services and the like, which leads to significant cost reduction
  • Increased agility to raise service levels and revenue and to avoid wasting resources
  • Optimal basis for decision-making due to real-time information and scenario-based planning
  • Increased customer benefits and efficiency through digital cooperation between customers and suppliers
  • Significant reduction in licensing, interface and maintenance costs as well as release effort through the harmonization of all IT systems


Customized solutions for digital supply chain transformation

4flow’s comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-tested approaches and agile methods is key to the successful design of digital transformation projects. 4flow works together with businesses throughout this entire process – from initial strategy and design to realization and ultimate supply chain transformation.

Using a goal-oriented process, customized and optimized supply chains with corresponding IT strategies are developed, while business cases are designed, roadmaps are clearly defined, and tasks are prioritized. With its many years of experience, 4flow provides significant supply chain expertise and an extensive understanding of supply chain IT systems. This enables customer-specific collaboration throughout the entire realization and transformation process.
In addition, 4flow has many years of project management experience in large transformation projects with large teams of consultants, customer employees, developers and service providers across various cultural contexts and business hierarchies.

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What 4flow offers:

  • A digital supply chain audit
  • Strategy development for supply chain transformation
  • Process optimization and blueprint design
  • Requirements engineering
  • Conceptualization and implementation support throughout the digital transformation
  • Project management
  • Methodological support for agile work (Scrum expertise)
  • Change management