How INEOS Automotive and 4flow collaborated to develop an automotive supply chain from the ground up

Success story in automotive manufacturing

When INEOS Automotive was founded in 2017 as a new automotive manufacturer, it faced a unique challenge. It aimed to start production of a new vehicle in just four years, which meant it needed to establish end-to-end supply chain processes, including information and material flows, as efficiently as possible. To reach this ambitious goal, INEOS Automotive partnered with 4flow, who supported the process with an expert approach from strategy to implementation.

Together, the joint team from 4flow and INEOS Automotive conducted process mapping, site design and IT implementation of the automotive start-up’s production plant during product testing to enable start of production for a new vehicle.

4flow supported the INEOS Automotive team with transformation management, coordinating with stakeholders across the supply chain to build and align processes, organization and IT concurrently. A series of agile sprints ensured a focused, step-by-step implementation. Throughout the process, the team continued to adapt to changes in the supply chain and production environment.

Managing complexity for a successful ramp-up

With 4flow, INEOS Automotive established and stabilized its supply chain processes – enabling it to begin production of an entirely new vehicle in less than four years. Now, the automotive manufacturer is ramping up production of the Grenadier at its plant in Hambach, France. Supply chain management played a central role in enabling the business’s growth by managing complexity across the organization, from procurement to sales. “Collaboration is absolutely a key success factor for us,” said Fredrik Karlsson, head of supply chain management at INEOS Automotive. “Together with the 4flow team, we used the opportunities presented by our start-up environment to integrate IT and processes across the organization.” With collaborative processes as its foundation, INEOS Automotive is set up to respond with agility to future challenges and continue its path to success.


  • Start of production in less than 4 years from the start of development 
  • Layout and process design from inbound transportation to production
  • IT landscape implemented, including SAP and Kinaxis products

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