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Check the health of your planning platform and support your business objectives with targeted improvements

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If you’ve been using Kinaxis RapidResponse® to plan your supply chain for at least one year, it might be time to check up on the health of your systems. Does your software still align with your current business objectives? A digital audit gives you valuable insight and empowers you to make improvements.

What does a digital audit achieve?

Over time, business growth and evolution mean existing software systems no longer reflect actual processes. As a powerful all-in-one solution, Kinaxis RapidResponse® should be configured to changing planning processes.

A digital audit serves as a basis for this adjustment and considers multiple objectives.

Performance improvements

  • Evaluation of the system’s performance metrics, such as response time, throughput and resource utilization
  • Identification of bottlenecks or areas where performance can be enhanced

Alignment with your business processes and structure

  • Assessment of how well the system supports your organization’s current business processes
  • Alignment of the system with your organizational structure and objectives
  • Identification of areas for improvement

Resource optimization

  • Optimization of current resources to align to business processes
  • Elimination of redundant or underutilized resources

Our team of supply chain and software experts collaborates with your organization to customize your digital audit to match your objectives.

As a result, your organization gains a deep understanding of your system’s performance and ways to improve it.

Three steps to tailored results



In a preparation phase, we’ll work with you to define a scope of the project and collect all relevant data.


As-is assessment – process and IT mapping

In this phase, we’ll hold interviews and workshops with stakeholders in your organization to gain a deep understanding of your organization, its structures, processes and objectives. These processes are mapped and assessed using industry benchmarks.


Gap analysis – identification of improvement potential

Building on the previous phase, target processes are defined. A target IT landscape is designed to support these processes, and we carry out a feasibility study to ensure solutions are actionable. You’ll get a full picture of your current system and improvement potential.

If desired, we can support your organization to implement the identified improvement measures.

Your benefits

Holistic supply chain approach

Over 20 years of process experience from a trusted Kinaxis partner

Customized and target-oriented process to ensure you meet your goals

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