Supply chain services by 4flow management

“As a neutral 4PL, 4flow management reduces supply chain costs and increases network performance.“

Julian Schulcz, COO

Reduce costs and increase performance in your transportation network

Build a customized transportation management solution for your business with 4flow, your neutral non-asset-based service provider.

Build a customized approach with:

  • Global supply chain management
  • Integrated transportation management
  • Control tower solutions
  • State-of-the-art software
  • Cost analysis and optimization

Control tower solutions

For full transportation management and optimization services, 4flow oversees your day-to-day transportation management needs with our control tower solutions.

Control tower solution offerings:

Transportation network planning

Strategic planning and solutions

Daily management of inbound and outbound shipments

Supply Chain+

Rather than focusing on a one-time improvement, 4flow’s Supply Chain+ approach utilizes a stepwise process that analyzes, optimizes and implements supply chain solutions based on changing requirements and individual needs. Supply Chain+ optimization service is an easy add-on to your existing internal or third-party transportation management processes.

4flow management

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Achieve fast and continual sustainable value with Supply Chain+

Plug and play

  • Add on to your existing organization
  • No transition or implementation required
  • Focus on optimization from day one


Immediate impact

Continuous optimization

  • End-to-end optimization focus
  • Multiple planning runs within the year
  • Flexible capacity according to business requirements


Long-term effect

Track record of success

  • Record of success
  • Implementatons on-time and on-budget
  • DNA for optimization
  • Enablement of supply chain maturity development


Trusted partner 

Powered by proven software solutions

4flow’s software solutions support the Supply Chain+ process.

4flow vista®

  • Leading software for planning, optimization and transparency in global logistics and transport networks
  • Efficient implementation of the optimizations in the framework of the Supply Chain+
  • Scenarion planning and assessment of options for comparison

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4flow analytics

  • Web-based reporting solution that aggregates data and display in strong visual medium
  • Direct access for customer teams to defined reports or scheduled distribution 
  • Provides evaluation according to defined KPIs and drill-down functionalities 

Other buisness lines

Supply chain software
With state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated optimization algorithms, 4flow software solutions deliver sustainable, optimized results that increase the efficiency, robustness and transparency of our customers’ supply chains globally.


Supply chain consulting
4flow consulting supports businesses in the field of logistics and supply chain management – all the way from developing a strategy to its implementation.