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Data science in supply chain

4flow enables companies to increase transparency and leverage an in-depth understanding of their supply chain by implementing a data-driven approach.

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The fourth industrial revolution and Industrial Internet of Things call for the right digital solutions in supply chain management and logistics. Digital technologies like artificial intelligence and process mining help optimize supply chains, as the availability and the efficient handling of data become increasingly important for daily work. 4flow combines its comprehensive logistics and supply chain expertise with methodical data skills and machine learning solutions to support its customers on their data journey.

Customized optimization

The use of intelligent algorithms enables businesses to generate a competitive advantage in their existing environment and to sustainably optimize their value chains.
4flow offers standardized approaches and methods to integrate machine learning algorithms (ML) into a company’s supply chain. The possible applications are manifold: optimized resource management thanks to precise, data-based demand forecasts and inventory reduction by means of pattern recognition in customers' ordering behavior.

Results can include:

Increased transparency of processes and interdependencies

Faster and more reliable forecasting for more efficient planning

Increased service levels

Cost reduction and avoidance of costs

Data-driven supply chain

Multi-level supply chains create large amounts of data and metadata – suppliers, transportation service providers and other stakeholders contribute data with countless IT systems with a multitude of interfaces. Product-specific factors add to this data. The ability to store and process these vast amounts of data can reveal new information and potential. Most companies are aware of the potential of supply chain data. But usually, they lack the right approach to source and use it, the ability to evaluate and interpret it correctly, or the capacity to address the issue. 4flow, as an expert on big data in supply chain, uses artificial intelligence to enable businesses to make use of this potential in a targeted and efficient way.

4flow supports its customers by developing customized solutions, improving strategies and processes to leverage supply chain data, or implementing third-party software solutions from our partners.

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Process mining

4flow uses process mining, a technology to visualize processes using event-based log data, to enable customers to increase supply chain visibility and understanding of their supply chain processes.

Supply chain visibility

Hand in hand with our consultants, the 4flow Data Science team applies state-of-the-art methods and technologies to comprehensively support client decisions by using both internal client data as well as industry-specific benchmarks.

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