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Digital supply chain & production control

Businesses that want to remain competitive in the future need to match their plant and warehouse digitization processes with systematic and holistic information flows. With many years of experience and process expertise, 4flow works together with customers to identify, define, tender and implement software solutions.

One of the most important factors for business success is data transparency. There is still enormous potential for optimization in this area, especially where production and supply chain processes are concerned. With intelligent applications, this potential can be quickly identified and continuously improved on. The biggest challenge, however, is finding the right software solution among the many systems currently available and ensuring interoperability with existing systems.

To achieve this, businesses require holistic, coordinated and digital information flows, specialized systems for production and warehouse processes – known as best-of-breed solutions, or the best solution for each application area – and interfaces with existing ERP systems, such as SAP.

Increasing potential through digital information flows

Software solutions such as manufacturing execution systems (MES), warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation execution systems (TES) enable standardized, transparent and networked supply chain and production process control and provide businesses with a significant competitive edge. For example, cost-intensive shop floor processes offer great potential for intelligent control solutions.

  • MES: Real-time production process control and optimization
  • WMS: Integrated management of warehousing and staging processes
  • TES: Dynamic management of internal transportation flow along the process chain

An optimized system landscape allows intralogistics processes to be digitized continuously and enables a much higher degree of automation.

For process chains that aren’t supported by software systems, optimization potential is often neglected because the effort for acquiring, correcting and analyzing data is too high. With a digital information flow and standardized data, this potential can be continuously identified and integrated into operational processes.

4flow’s approach: Leveraging synergies in production, supply chain and IT processes

A holistic planning approach that considers customer-specific requirements and processes is essential for developing a customized digital information flow concept for intralogistics and production.

As an independent and neutral partner, 4flow works with customers to select and implement software solutions. During this process, all relevant individual processes and requirements are considered and evaluated.

There is a wide selection of different WMS, MES and TES solutions, and the market is constantly shifting. 4flow keeps an eye on the software market and works with businesses to identify, select and implement the most fitting software solutions in a practical and a user-oriented way. With many years of experience, 4flow consultants work to create transparency, understanding and efficiency for the interfaces between production, supply chain and IT.

The 4flow consulting approach has four phases:

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What 4flow offers:

  • Development of a digital end-to-end information flow that considers best-in-class processes
  • Holistic solution assessment that reflects individual requirements
  • Extensive market expertise for system specification, identification, tendering and selection
  • Interdisciplinary process and IT expertise as the basis for successful implementation
  • Efficient and innovative project management methods for introducing new IT systems