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Basic materials industry

Production sites at which raw materials are refined or a final product is manufactured are characteristic. In this industry, effective logistics processes are needed that ensure a high volume of throughput.

The basic materials sector is comprised of the chemical industry, pharmaceutical companies, extraction industries as well as food and glass processors and paper manufacturers. Raw materials in particular are procured from around the globe, while the products that they become are sold regionally and internationally. As a result, there are special requirements for the large volumes inbound logistics has to deal with, typically in bulk form. On the outbound side, customers in the retail or processing industries have to be supplied.

More and more, the basic materials industry finds itself facing the challenges of climate change, along with more stringent laws and regulations from state agencies. This forces the sector to implement even more innovations into their processing operations, which also leads to changes in material flow processes.

The production facilities in the basic materials industry are highly sophisticated, technologically advanced, and thus involve large investments. The cost attached to logistics processes such as transportation, warehousing, or handling usually are not transparent. The search for green logistics solutions and the increasing cost pressure will continue to cause changing conditions. 

4flow creates transparency and identifies opportunities

The documentation of logistics processes is often the first step for identifying weaknesses and opportunities. 4flow vista® the integrated supply chain software makes it possible to illustrate logistics processes and show cost components. This makes it clear which processes offer the most leverage for optimization.

Companies in the basic materials industry often have multiple production sites and a very sophisticated warehouse structure. 4flow is an expert on designing networks that include all material flow relationships at different sites. This makes it possible to optimize logistics processes and lower costs.

When engineering logistics and production processes, 4flow applies proven lean methods that lead to both quick-wins and sustainable and reliable standardized solutions.

4flow engages in international projects focusing on a broad range of topics along the entire supply chain for clients from the basic materials industry. Optimal logistics processes with the lowest costs are always among the objectives.

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