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SAP Add-ons by 4flow

Supply chain optimization with add-ons for network design, planning and visualization

4flow provides optimization solutions as add-ons to supply chain systems. In SAP, these add-ons include optimizers and process accelerators that enhance the standard SAP functionality. The results: improved process efficiencies in your daily operations and greater cost savings in your supply chain, giving you a competitive market advantage.

4flow’s SAP Add-ons include:

  • 4flow vista® – for strategic network design, tactical planning and operational transportation optimization
  • 4flow TORO – optimize transportation in your MRP run
  • 4flow NEVA®– network exploration, visualization and analysis for continuous network improvements and quick reactions to disruptions and market changes
  • Automation integration emulator – test the integration of various automation technologies with SAP EWM + MFS

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Partnership with SAP

4flow is an SAP Silver Partner and has SAP Recognized Expertise in the area of supply chain planning and logistics.

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