Supply chain network design software

4flow SAMO® - the smart allocation management optimization software 

Ensure stock availability and keep service level up while reducing total cost with 4flow SAMO®

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Optimize customer allocation and improve your service level with 4flow SAMO®. With the software’s smart allocation planning capabilities, transform your tactical planning to:​

  • Minimize stock outs ​
  • Achieve high service level  ​
  • Navigate demand variability ​
  • Reduce transportation cost ​

The vision behind 4flow SAMO®

“Customer-centric enterprises need dedicated customer allocation solutions. 4flow SAMO® is developed to support your tactical planning by aligning available resources and capabilities with specific customer demands. This ensures tailored service levels for different customer segments, enhances customer loyalty and ultimately improves your profitability.” ​

Andreas Martin, Product Manager

Let‘s shape the future of smart allocation planning together​

As a development partner for 4flow SAMO®, you can influence key functions and features of this state-of-the-art software. With your early involvement, ensure maximum usability to meet your business needs.

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