Supply chain strategy

Supply chain strategy

With the right supply chain strategy, businesses achieve objectives and secure key competitive advantages.

Customers throughout the world want to be supplied with goods in the shortest possible timeframe. At the same time, the supply chain needs to be lean and efficient. Where is the optimal trade-off? How can we achieve both?

When designing a supply chain, companies are faced with a variety of strategic decisions, such as whether to go with centralized or decentralized production and inventory management, insourcing and outsourcing, alternative purchasing and distribution strategies, or between push production and pull production. A variety of questions, all of which are related, must be answered for an optimal supply chain strategy.

Meeting customer requirements efficiently with an optimal supply chain strategy

4flow supports companies with supply chain strategy development. Customer requirements are optimally harmonized through supply chain design, which results in a decisive competitive advantage.

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Among the benefits for 4flow clients:

  • Identification and modularization of customer requirements
  • Selection of best and most suitable operating model
  • Application of best practices for an efficient supply chain design
  • Modularization of the supply chain and definition of optimal designs for individual segments
  • Optimal location and outsourcing decisions
  • Production footprint improvements
  • Decisions on appropriate production types (push or pull control or combination thereof)

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