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Challenges facing the consumer goods and retail industry

Wherever there are high relative supply chain costs, there are optimization opportunities. Nowhere does poor service lead directly to less sales revenue than in consumer goods and retail. The supply chain can make or break your competitive edge.

The consumer goods and retail industries are marked by high competition and cost pressures and are highly customer oriented. End consumers demand product variety, fast delivery and high-quality service now more than ever. Plus, almost nowhere else have value chains changed as radically due to technology with applications like e-commerce, fulfillment automation, and data science.

Your path to gaining a competitive advantage

To stay competitive, companies must stay ahead of the change and meet the needs of their customers. Multi-channel sales, a high degree of flexibility and excellent customer service (B2B and B2C) are must-haves for businesses today. The supply chain can provide key leverage to fulfill high service requirements and seize opportunities to save costs. Establishing an optimal distribution network, maintaining balanced inventory levels, implementing appropriate levels of automation and digitalization, synchronizing the procure-to-pay process and proactively managing risks are just a few of the strategic actions necessary to prepare your supply chain for the challenges of the future.

4flow combines best practices with innovative approaches

4flow offers comprehensive expertise and applies best practices to meet the special requirements in consumer goods and retail. With our three business lines, 4flow consulting, 4flow management and 4flow software, we are the ideal partner for end-to-end optimization of sophisticated supply networks and transportation.

We offer a customized and innovative approach to strategically redesign your supply chain by covering every step from strategy to implementation. We take into into account crucial processes, systems and organizational aspects. Our focus is on optimizing networks and transportation, along with creating smart warehouses that incorporate the perfect balance of cutting-edge automation and digitalization. Our approach ensures that all solutions align with your business’ strategic objectives and are scalable to meet future challenges and potential disruptions.

With customized software solutions, 4flow offers a comprehensive toolkit to enhance supply chain efficiency and transparency. 4flow creates cost visibility throughout the entire supply chain, leveraging tools like flow-type simulation in 4flow vista® to reduce distribution costs from suppliers to the point of sale (POS). Additionally, with the innovative NEVA® platform, businesses can now achieve unparalleled transparency into their supply chain network with just a few clicks. NEVA® streamlines the process of visualizing, enabling data-driven decisions that lead to cost reductions and optimized distribution strategies. Together, 4flow vista® and NEVA® provide a robust solution for establishing optimal conditions and driving seamless supply chain processes within the consumer goods and retail sectors.

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