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4flow TORO – the plug-in solution for MRP optimization

Reduce transportation cost with early optimization of demands

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Cost savings with integrated material and transportation planning

4flow TORO (transport optimized release orders) is the new plug-in software for MRP optimization. The solution helps businesses integrate transportation optimization into material planning by considering critical factors including available lanes, transportation costs and equipment restrictions in the material planning phase.

With 4flow TORO, planners:

  • Eliminate silos in the supply chain
  • Ensure actionable planning results
  • Achieve transportation cost savings of up to 12%

From MRP run to transportation-optimized shipments

Thanks to its composable and easily adaptable architecture, 4flow TORO can be seamlessly integrated into existing ERP systems such as SAP.

4flow TORO considers parameters like transportation rates, capacity restrictions, route information and material master data to optimize shipments based on scheduling agreements.

The results from the standard MRP runs are transferred to 4flow TORO and immediately optimized based on transportation-relevant factors. After optional verification, the optimized schedule lines are transferred back to the ERP system.

Want to discover how 4flow TORO can optimize your transportation network?

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4flow TORO in action

1. ERP system integration 

  • Define your future IT system with support from our data-sourcing experts
  • Supported by our experts, plug 4flow TORO into your ERP system
  • Configure your specific factors and constraints

2. Seamless integration of transportation optimization into MRP

  • Optimize your material call-offs with a single click
  • Get total transparency and review the optimized results
  • Transfer optimized call-offs back to your ERP system

3. KPI tracking

  • Compare the most relevant KPIs before and after optimization
  • Track and evaluate metrics like CO2 emissions and cost savings
  • Get full reports on improvement with the optimization history module

Impressive results achieved with 4flow TORO

Creates cost savings of up to 12%

Boosts transparency with full results control

Improves planning quality and efficiency

Offers a plug-in composable architecture

Uses scalable and secure public cloud infrastructure

Enables reductions in carbon emissions of more than 15% 


Benefits at a glance

Create cost savings

Assure on-time delivery at minimum cost

4flow TORO reduces transportation costs by as much as 12% while increasing asset utilization by up to 20%.
The software’s optimization algorithms consider all relevant constraints to deliver an actionable plan and real cost savings.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Build a sustainable supply chain

4flow TORO automatically bundles material call-offs, requiring fewer trucks and reducing carbon emissions.
This maximizes asset utilization and reduce carbon emissions by more than 15%.
To track your improvement, review and compare carbon emissions before and after optimization with 4flow TORO. 

Quick and flexible implementation

Easy integration into any ERP system

4flow TORO offers a composable architecture and is easy to implement.
Our experts support you from end-to-end through implementation, from data sourcing to system technical integration and testing.

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