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Network optimization

For many years, 4flow has been successfully optimizing networks in all industries and regions around the world.

Due to the globalization of markets and the international orientation of most businesses, planning and managing logistics networks is becoming more complex. Global logistics networks are often not planned systematically, but result from growth over time. This can lead to non-transparent material flows and cost allocations. Global network structures often bear enormous potential for improvement. An efficient logistics network that meets the requirements of dynamic procurement and sales markets is essential.
It is important that logistics networks are optimized as a whole and as realistically as possible. Due to networks’ complexity, it is important that powerful solutions and methods are utilized. These types of projects call for experience in order to be completed quickly.

Today's networks need to be optimized on a continuous basis

4flow plans logistics networks according to individual requirements or adjusts them to meet new situations. This leads, for example, to optimized transportation processes as well as production and warehouse locations.

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Additional results include:

  • Structural redesign of logistics networks
  • Achievement of breakthrough targets in areas of optimization and potential cost savings
  • Reduction of fixed costs and costs for transportation, handling, and inventory
  • Optimized service levels and delivery times
  • Process and cost transparency across the entire network
  • Identification and realization of quick wins

4flow has extensive experience optimizing logistics networks. We look at the specific requirements of various network types and fields as a whole. We develop customized solutions for global networks whether for manufacturing, inbound, distribution or transportation.

When optimizing logistics networks, 4flow examines the interplay between the strategic and the operational planning levels. In addition to logistics networks, underlying processes and systems are analyzed and adjusted if necessary. 4flow has developed a proven procedure to do this.

4flow realizes projects for network optimization, the network optimization software 4flow vista® and continuous network optimization as a service.

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