Digital supply chain

The fourth industrial revolution has begun. To enable the full potential of a connected supply chain, 4flow takes an end-to-end approach to supply chain management, transportation and networks, and intralogistics.

Inventory optimization

Reduce warehousing costs and improve inventory management with AI and data science techniques

In today's economic climate, businesses need to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Inventory optimization lets businesses achieve significant gains in both areas. Our inventory optimization solutions are designed to help companies manage their stock levels with a comprehensive end-to-end perspective.

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Digital supply chain transformation

A digital supply chain gives businesses a clear competitive advantage, which is being increased by growing complexity and dynamically changing general conditions. The targeted use of best-of-breed IT solutions along the entire supply chain enables agility, high service levels and cost efficiency.

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Supply Chain Planning and S&OP

End-to-end real time planning enables businesses to achieve cost-optimized supply chains that can respond quickly and flexibly to change. Using innovative technology, 4flow works together with customers to reach the next step in supply chain planning.

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Artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence will fundamentally change supply chains. Businesses stand to benefit greatly through targeted solutions.

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Data science in supply chain

4flow enables companies to increase transparency and leverage an in-depth understanding of their supply chain by implementing a data-driven approach.

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Digital transportation management

For digital transportation management, 4flow offers the integrated transportation management system (iTMS) in combination with the implementation of digital processes in the organization. Both reduce transportation costs sustainably and enable the active management of logistics.

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Supply chain orchestration

Dissolve silos through collaborative supply chain planning and execution. Unprecedented disruptions are creating ongoing challenges in supply chains worldwide, from sudden demand fluctuations to production shutdowns or delays in transportation. These turbulent times highlight the need for transparency, collaboration and agility.

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Designing the future of automotive supply chain planning

While the automotive industry is facing fundamental challenges, concurrent, end-to-end supply chain planning is a key success factor in enabling quick and agile supply chains. 4flow shows how concurrent planning can be optimally used in the automotive industry. In a series of webinars, learn about the major benefits of concurrent, end-to-end supply chain planning.

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