Intercontinental network planning

The increasing globalization of markets and progressive internationalization of business has lead to a tremendous increase in complexity in the planning and management of logistics networks.

In doing so, 4flow ensures a sustainable reduction in logistics and supply chain costs for intercontinental networks. Further results are, for example, the definition of the optimal network structure as well as the identification of optimal capacities and production and storage locations. Clients benefit from transparency about lanes, volumes, processes and costs.

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Inventory optimization for global networks

High inventories lead to committed capital and increased processing costs. In order to identify target areas for inventory reduction, an analysis of planning and management processes along with inventories, consumption and throughput times is essential.

In collaboration with customers, 4flow leverages inventory optimization in global supply chains to achieve inventory balance sheet reductions of up to 40 percent and throughput time reductions of up to 30 percent.

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Segmenting global supply chains

For many companies, global procurement leads to high transportation costs. Several partners and departments can be involved in intercontinental supply chain planning and management, which can result in complex structures and numerous interfaces.

Segmenting supply chains reduces material throughput time, resulting in optimized intercontinental supply chain planning and management. 4flow supports customers in achieving minimized material throughput times, reduced transportation and handling costs, and optimized inventories.

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Cost to serve

The choices available for purchasing and supply are exponential in global value networks. Supply chain costs increase, but oftentimes they are not analyzed.

An overall cost-optimization assessment creates transparency and allows essential cost drivers to be identified. 4flow relies on 4flow vista® software in customer projects and the proven cost-to-serve approach to determine cost-cutting potentials. Typical benefits include the creation of objective and traceable decision making documents and increase of transparency in cost structure along the supply chain.

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Global supply chain management

The volume of goods moved through intercontinental supply chains is constantly on the rise. Companies are now adding value to products and services on a global basis. Since most networks grow out of necessity over time, it is rare today that material flows can be combined and processed efficiently.

4flow has extensive experience in the continuous optimization and management of global supply chains. Collaborting closely with clients, 4flow is able to increase transparency throughout entire networks and create synergies among regions, manufacturers, and suppliers.

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Integrated transportation management

The planning and management of supply networks is becoming increasingly difficult. Supplier and distribution networks often change due to shorter production cycles while their degree of sophistication grows.

Transportation costs can be reduced with end-to-end transportation management. By actively managing transportation networks – from designing and operating networks all the way to invoice auditing – costs can be reduced sustainably and control regained. We call this integrated transportation management.

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4flow study

In the 4flow study “Shipping, fast and slow – Balancing airfreight and sea freight in volatile manufacturing supply chains”, 4flow details its findings on air and sea freight cost optimization for international supply chains.

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