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Dr. Stefan Wolff, Chief Executive Officer of 4flow (CEO)
Dr. Stefan Wolff has been CEO of 4flow since 2000. Co-founded by Dr. Wolff in Berlin, Germany, 4flow is a leading provider of supply chain consulting, software and services. Read résumé

Photo Dr. Stefan Wolff (75 dpi)
Photo Dr. Stefan Wolff (300 dpi)



Kai Althoff, Chief Operating Officer of 4flow (COO)
As a co-founder of 4flow, Kai Althoff is responsible for the 4flow consulting, 4flow management and marketing units. Read résumé

Photo Kai Althoff (75 dpi)
Photo Kai Althoff (300 dpi)

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Stephan Kappel, Chief Financial Officer of 4flow (CFO)
In his role as CFO, Stephan Kappel is responsible for key functions including Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources among others.

Photo Stephan Kappel (75 dpi)
Photo Stephan Kappel (300 dpi)

Supervisory board

Wolf-Dietrich von Helldorff,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Read résumé

Dr. Hans-Robert Greim,
Supervisory Board Member

Read résumé

Christian Berner,
Supervisory Board Member

Read résumé

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