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4flow TLO - integrate transportation planning into your S&OP processes

Increase efficiency, reduce transportation spend and emissions with the Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer by 4flow

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Transportation planning offers a critical advantage to help businesses grow

The Kinaxis® Transportation Load Optimizer by 4flow (TLO) is an embedded certified RapidResponse® application that enables Kinaxis customers to integrate transportation constraints into the supply chain earlier and enable S&OP processes. The TLO brings the power of transportation and load-building optimization to concurrent planning, boosts efficiency and significantly reduces freight spend and carbon emissions – all to help planners make confident, profitable supply chain decisions.

Smooth, automated optimization of material handling processes 

The Transportation Load Optimizer adds an automatic step within the net requirements calculation. This way, shipments are preponed and postponed to consolidate scheduled receipts and create fuller, more efficient loads for better transportation planning.

The applied optimization algorithms are based on real-world constraints, including freight rates and current transportation capacities, which lead to actionable planning results. This drastically reduces the need for manual adjustments when creating shipments.

4flow TLO key features at a glance

1. Key Metrics Dashboard

Get a complete overview of the most relevant KPIs for a given transportation lane. Visualize and analyze metrics such us transportation costs, average utilization and optimization potential.

2. Planning

Optimize and plan your orders into physical loads that can be shipped while automatically considering real supply network aspects such capacity, material availability and planning horizon. Make confident decisions knowing you have full transparency over the results and the ability to make manual adjustments.

3. Preparation and Analysis

Control and prepare your data in one go with error notification and handling functionalities, manual adjustment or automatic data maintenance capabilities.

Review the impact of the proposed plan on demand fulfillment and inventory supply.

4. Execution and CO2 Metrics Dashboard

Find out whether orders were excluded from the optimization and review the root cause to troubleshoot. Review and track the carbon emissions for each lane.

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