Business process outsourcing

Integrated transportation management

4flow takes over the active management of transportation as part of business process outsourcing. Through integrated transportation management, transportation costs are sustainably reduced.

Outsourcing individual areas within the supply chain is becoming more important. While the complexity of value chains continues to increase, this is compounded by shorter production cycles and longer throughput times. A lack of transparency into processes and structures within multimodal transportation networks can negatively affect a business’ performance. Service levels drop while coordination efforts within the supply chain increase. Added to this are transportation costs, which in turn become a major driver of overall supply chain costs.

Outsourcing end-to-end business processes along the supply chain is a necessary step in regaining control. Through the active management of transportation networks from planning to management and invoice auditing, costs can be significantly reduced.

Integrated transportation management involves the continuous planning, optimization and management of transportation networks

As an outsourcing partner, 4flow offers solutions for integrated transportation management from among different managed services to its customers. These solutions allow for significant flexibility as well as a reduction in costs and overall management efforts. Customers profit from the capacities, expertise and software technology provided by 4flow for integrated transportation management.

Typical results we help our customers to achieve include:

  • Flexibilization of fixed costs using intelligent business models
  • Transportation cost reductions of up to 20 percent
  • Service level improvements of up to 30 percent
  • Increased transparency throughout the network
  • Resource consolidation to manage logistics networks

      As a neutral partner within an outsourcing project, 4flow takes over central transportation functions. This includes the strategic planning of transportation networks, tactical transportation planning and the continuous management of daily inbound and outbound shipments. Only through the continuous planning and active management of the network is ongoing optimization possible. For this, 4flow provides the necessary software.

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