Due to the process complexity that results from an increasing variety of parts, many companies see the need to draft new layout plans for their plants or warehouses. With locations that have grown over time or structures with specific restrictions, it is often the case that adapting to new requirements is only partly successful.

At the same time, different business areas such as manufacturing and supply chain are actually competing for scarcely available space. Within a company itself, the lack of information about different locations on account of their specific framework conditions makes planning an even harder task. During warehouse planning for retail or spare parts networks, extensive planning is also required for creating layout variants and fine tuning the selected overall layout.

Comprehensive approach for optimal layouts

Based on lean logistics principles, 4flow develops solutions together with customers for the highly efficient use of space. Typical benefits of the approach are:

  • Continual improvements on space allocation using standardized audits and cross-location benchmarks that factor in on-site conditions
  • Reduced space-related costs due to reduction in space requirements
  • Cost-optimal supply chain process and productivity increase through optimal plant distribution
  • Lean processes resulting from optimal allocation of space
  • Initiation of strategic plan for space usage as guideline for location development

During layout planning projects, 4flow focuses on optimization and replanning based on Brownfield and Greenfield scenarios. Planning is performed on both the macro and micro level. Automated systems are considered in addition to manual ones (from block layouts to designs for individual routes or pallet spaces). Precise planning results are achieved using standardized tools and methods for benchmarking and auditing space, as well as for measuring material flow efficiency.

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