Developing and introducing new processes, structures, and methods require changes to how employees usually do things. Through professional change management, employees are prepared for new circumstances and supported during the transition process. An end-to-end approach involving all key people is vital to successfully implemented change projects.

The typical weaknesses and challenges in large change projects include:

  • The people who will be responsible are not involved early enough
  • Insufficient analysis of stakeholders and lack of information
  • Weak project marketing
  • No success early on to motivate those involved  
  • Training on new processes, methods and IT too narrow in scope
  • Clinging to unrealistic plans
  • Delayed escalation of issues

Managing transformations with change management

Results of change management projects with 4flow typically include:

  • Willingness of management and employees to change 
  • Focused management of change
  • Expedited change process
  • Early detection and rectification of obstacles
  • Sustainable establishment of changes in the organization
4flow milestones in a typical change management project
4flow milestones in a typical change management project

With 4flow’s proven solution-finding approach, acceptance in the organization for the new processes is created, thereby ensuring implementation. Changes are supported in all project phases thanks to appropriate communication activities about the progress of the project. If required, coaching seminars for managers and employees can be offered.

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