High pressure from competition, strong growth and increasingly faster product launches, often coupled with constraints due to infrastructure, are driving companies to put more focus on the optimization of production processes.

Reducing production costs, improving quality, and increasing productivity are the goals of lean manufacturing. Solely focusing on lean processes in production alone, however, often leads to an increase in supply chain costs and to higher total costs too. Due to this, lean manufacturing should always be considered part of the end-to-end lean management approach.

Manufacturing processes can be optimized in their entirety by taking an integrated look at customers, production, logistics, and suppliers.

4flow optimizes total costs by taking an integrated lean management approach
4flow optimizes total costs by taking an integrated lean management approach

New standards with lean manufacturing

4flow aims to design production processes based on a client's needs, thereby setting new standards. We create transparency in the entire supply chain and identify cost-driving causes.

The implementation of lean manufacturing in conjunction with lean logistics by 4flow leads to cost savings in the double-digit percentage range. 4flow regularly achieves the following results for clients:

  • Waste avoidance
  • Much shorter throughput times
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Leveled workloads in production thanks to clearly defined planning and control processes
  • Increased quality
  • Clear organizational structures and KPIs



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