Lean manufacturing

High pressure from competition, strong growth and increasingly faster product launches, often coupled with constraints due to infrastructure, are driving companies to put more focus on the optimization of production processes.

The implementation of lean manufacturing in conjunction with lean logistics by 4flow leads to cost savings in the double-digit percentage range. Other results achieved by 4flow include significant reductions in throughput times, minimization of space requirements and avoidance of waste.

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Lean logistics

A sharp increase in volume or lot size, substantial increases in product variety, and requirements resulting from digitization call for new and efficient logistics concepts.

The Lean Logistics approach we take at 4flow consulting makes it possible to break up old structures. Lean and standardized logistics processes are implemented in the organization and logistics costs are lowered sustainably. The reliable 4flow lean management approach calls for taking an integrated look at logistics and production. Manufacturing processes can then be optimized from end to end.

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Intelligent automation concepts

When deciding to invest in intelligent automation for the purposes of manufacturing, warehousing or trucking, businesses are likely to face a number of questions. What are the pros and cons? Does such an investment make sense under the current and future conditions?

4flow supports businesses by integrating benchmarks and best practices into the decision-making process and recommendations for action as well as detailed process cost calculations. This end-to-end approach creates the transparency necessary to enable management to choose the right option.

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