The increasing globalization of markets and progressive internationalization of business has led to a tremendous increase in complexity in the planning and management of logistics and supply chain networks. Cost-effective and agile intercontinental logistics networks, which, in addition to high service and delivery lead times, meet the requirements of dynamic procurement and sales markets, are a fundamental success factor for globally operating companies.

The planning and optimization of intercontinental logistics networks requires an end-to-end approach. Due to the complexity of the task, professional expertise, extensive project experience, and the use of proven methods and powerful tools are essential for project success. Furthermore, the continual change in requirements for global supply chains makes continuous planning and optimization of networks imperative.

4flow reduces supply chain costs sustainably by optimizing global networks

4flow draws on extensive experience in the planning and optimization of intercontinental supply chain networks. We develop industry-specific and customized solutions for global manufacturing, procurement and distribution networks. In doing so, 4flow ensures a sustainable reduction in logistics costs for intercontinental supply chains. Additional project results typically include:

  • Creating transparency on lanes, volumes, processes and costs in intercontinental networks
  • Selection of optimal capacities and locations for production and warehousing
  • Planning of end-to-end processes in the global network
  • Definition of optimal network structures
  • Reduction of fixed costs, handling, transportation, and inventory costs
  • Optimization of service level and delivery lead time
  • Identification of areas of optimization and realization of quick wins

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