The increasing complexity of manufacturing and purchasing networks poses huge challenges for container management. Oftentimes, new business models are needed.

Container processes are often carried out manually and are neither standardized nor integrated. Containers are not located where they should be and go missing. This has a negative effect on how well materials and goods can be supplied. In addition to substantial inefficiencies in the entire container planning and management system, there is also a great lack of transparency about container movements and inventory in the network. All in all, this leads to high costs in transportation, sourcing, materials planning and in administering containers as well as to an inadequate availability of containers and low service quality.

Digitized container management using software solutions and innovations like smart, connected containers enable businesses to achieve increased container circulation transparency.

Lower costs and more control with digitized container management

4flow is able to achieve the following results – among others – in container management digitization projects:

  • Increased transparency in container requirements, inventories and movements
  • Optimization of required container investments
  • Reduction in loss of containers
  • Minimization of costs for returning empty containers
  • Lower operational processing costs through standardized empty container processes
  • Increase in container availability through improved supply of empty containers
  • Avoidance of auxiliary costs for alternate packaging
  • Improved quality of container transactions

4flow develops a comprehensive container strategy and then incorporates efficient container planning and management. The primary goal is to provide all participants in the supply chain with the goods and materials needed in a timely and cost-efficient manner and at a high level of quality.

During the implementation phase that follows, 4flow supports the successful introduction of new, system-based container management processes and systems. Outsourcing of a large portion of container management is also common.

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