Digital supply chain

The central promise of the Industrial Internet is complete transparency from supplier to customer, networked processes, and decentralized management, in addition to cost-effective small batch manufacturing and high numbers of variants. These goals can only be achieved with a digital supply chain shaped by Logistics 4.0.

By taking an end-to-end approach, 4flow enables companies to fully leverage the potential of digital supply chains. A supply chain, digitized according to 4flow principles, provides customers with complete transparency throughout the supply chain in real-time and a reduction in control complexity through decentralized, autonomous decisions.

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Container management

The increasing complexity of transportation and manufacturing networks poses huge challenges for container management. Oftentimes, new business models are needed. Digital container management enables businesses to achieve increased transparency on container circulation.
In container management digitization projects, 4flow achieves increased transparency about container requirements, inventories, and movements in addition to optimization of any investments which may be required.

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Digital transportation management

The globalization of markets, dynamic customer behavior, increasing product diversity and a progressive division of labor are creating ever more complex purchasing and sales networks. Especially present in supply chains grown over time are sub-processes that are shaped by function. Digital transportation management ensures transparency and low costs.

For digital transportation management, 4flow offers the integrated transportation management system (iTMS) in combination with the implementation of digital processes in the organization. Both reduce transportation costs sustainably and enable the active management of logistics.

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Digital procurement

For many businesses today, procurement processes are comprised of manual steps involving multiple interfaces. Examples could include single manual orders, schedules sent by email or production forecasts contained in spreadsheets.

Through the complete integration of digital procurement processes, 4flow customers typically gain interface-free transfer of all information relating to procurement, optimal transparency about requirements and inventories, a reduction in reserve inventories through increased transparency in the inbound supply chain, and significant savings in effort and material management processing costs.

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